Sapa is a highland town of Lao Cai Province, which is more than 250 kilometers far from Hanoi capital. Sapa is a peaceful land and quietly hidden in the wonders of nature. The natural landscape of Sapa is a combination between the creativity of humand, the terrain of mountains, the green of forests. All of them create a picture with many scenesin a harmonious arrangement.

From the city center you can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks. In addition, this “cloud” town attracts visitors with magnificent mountain views and many unique experiences exploring the lives of ethnic minorities.

Stone Church

If you love ancient French architecture, Sapa Stone Church is a destination that tourists should not be missed. The church was built in 1895 with an area of more than 6.000 sqare meters. Stone Church is the oldest preserved ancient architecture left by the French in Lao Cai Province.

Sapa - Stone Church

Sapa – Stone Church

The structure and architecture of the church are built according to the Roman Gothic style. The architecture complex consists of churches, monk houses, fences and the Holy Garden. Tourists can visit here to take photos and attend ceremonies.

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat village is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. Cat Cat is the place that Mong people are living. This is one of the most attractions that tourists should visit when coming Sapa.

Cat Cat village not only attracts tourists by wild natural scenery but also by the unique and diverse traditional culture of Mong ethnic people.

Sapa - Cat Cat Village

Sapa – Cat Cat Village

Located on the side of Hoang Lien Son mountain, Cat Cat village is hidden under the cover of nature. There is full of whole green of the fields, mountains and hills with small houses of people living. All blend together, creating a natural picture which is colorful and majestic.

In the middle of Cat Cat village, there is the convergence of three beautiful streams: Tien Sa stream, Yellow stream and Silver. Besides, there are two bridges, Si Bridge and A Luu Bridge, attracting a lot of tourists to check in here.

Coming to Cat Cat, visitors also have the opportunity to experience cultural beauties here. Moreover, visitors can immerse themselves in the attractive dances of beautiful Mong girls. Also, tourists can enjoy specialties, such as corn wine, triumph, corn cake, …